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Since the 90s, the leaders of fast fashion have accelerated the pace of collections and drastically reduced production costs to maintain their turnover. Thanks to this strategy which encourages the waste and exploitation of resources, fashion is crowned the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (behind oil). Fortunately, these textile McDonalds are not popular in the face of general awareness. The fashion sector is therefore experiencing a drop in turnover of 20% in 10 years. During this same time, the proportion of French people who buy second hand clothes has increased from 25% to 48%. Even if we know that you are already one of those smart people who choose to combine good business with good deed. Here are 4 good reasons to buy 2nd hand clothes that won’t make you regret boycotting the Winter sales at Zara!

Wear quality clothes

Since the 80s, clothing manufacturing techniques have evolved in favor of low cost mass production. At Retro’sFair, we compared the quality between clothes designed decades ago and new ones. The result is obvious on these different points:

retro's Fair Vintage clothing
  • Sturdy seams
  • Textile weight
  • Preference of embroidery to transfers

We concluded that the quality of 80s 90s second hand clothes is unmatched in current ready-to-wear (at decent prices). We also sometimes find some pieces that are made up of variations of fabrics with different textures. Which obviously requires very important design and manufacturing work!

A unique “true vintage” style

You know, fashion is an eternal restart and new trends are often inspired by past sartorial movements. So rather than wearing “vintage effect” clothes. With the second hand you impose a true vintage style that has character. In addition, at Retro’sFair, as in all thrift stores, each piece is unique. No more risk of spending the evening with a friend who had the good idea to wear the same top as you!

Trendy clothes at low prices

By finding 2nd hand products, you give pleasure to your wardrobe but also to your wallet! At Retro’sFair, it is estimated that the branded items offered are on average 40% cheaper than their equivalent leaving the factory. While the quality is lower!

A responsible mode of consumption

We saved the best argument for last. Opting for second hand is not just about wearing good quality, unique clothing with an authentic patina. It’s also an act in opposition to the “fast fashion” mentality and its disposable clothes. A step towards a sustainable mode of consumption where we favor quality over quantity.

According to independent research institute Green Story Inc. By choosing to dress in second-hand clothes, you reduce your carbon footprint on the planet by 60 to 70%. To give you an idea of ​​the impact of your wardrobe on the planet, ThredUp (equivalent of Vinted in the US) provides the Fashion Footprint Calculator tool. During the quiz that this calculator submits to you, you will have access to lots of funfacts on the 2nd hand as well as advice to make your wardrobe even more responsible. Finally, the result of the quiz will convert the annual impact of your wardrobe into flights Los Angeles – San Francisco!

Résultat Fashion footprint calculator
Results of the Fashion footprint calculator

If you are already convinced that second-hand clothing is THE solution, or are waiting for the crush to convince yourself… Take a look at our online store full of premium sportswear pieces straight out of the 80s and 90s.

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