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Christmas is a great opportunity to please those close to you, but above all it is an opportunity to finish rotting the planet for good before the end of the year! According to the Stockholm Environment Institute. The carbon footprint of the Christmas holidays in England is estimated at 650 kg of CO2 released per inhabitant in 3 days. Which roughly corresponds to the carbon footprint of a Congolese in 10 years … Here to find more numbers on the magic of Christmas. The share of gifts represents half of this pollution, the rest being caused by overconsumption of food as well as exceptional travel and decorations. So if you also like gorging on turkey with chestnuts. But that it makes you feel guilty for playing the game of overconsumption (and receiving stupid gifts). The “2nd hand under the tree” challenge is made for you… This challenge, which began a few years ago in the Nordic countries, gained momentum in Europe and was all the rage in France last winter. The rules of the game are simple: Prohibition on offering new ! Here are the different advantages of this trend:

Reduce your budget

In addition to being eco-responsible and fun with the family, the second-hand market is the ideal playground for finding good deals and reducing your gift budget. It feels good this time of year!

Compete with Amazon

It’s not easy to resist the Amazon reflex to make your gifts… It must be admitted that the prices are often attractive and the delivery always impeccable! But it’s so satisfying not to give in to the easy way and to struggle against the monopoly of the giant which wishes to impose its model of society. All the more so as local alternatives have many advantages. Indeed, nothing beats advice from a bookseller to choose a good book and there is a second hand section in many bookstores.

Offer a unique gift 

Giving a vintage gift is real added value! By giving a second life to a product, we transmit a unique object that has character.t is also an opportunity to find THE retro nugget that will plunge the happy recipient into his childhood…

Introducing your loved ones to second-hand clothing

Fashion has been named the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (after the oil industry). Converting to second-hand clothing therefore effectively reduces our carbon footprint. cf: 4 good reasons to convert to second-hand clothing Take this opportunity to dispel the prejudices of your loved ones about second-hand clothing by offering them an 80s/90s sweatshirt from Retro’sfair. Mottled with love, cleaned with hypoallergenic and eco-responsible products. We promise, the mother-in-law will not regret the Zara jacket!

time saving 

If you have a ministerial schedule or if you’re not very organized and even confinement hasn’t given you enough time to hunt for gifts. We have the solution! The Retro’sFair Christmas gift card available on the site. This is eligible to participate in “Second Hand Under the Tree” and the effect will be guaranteed!


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